Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Flying into Shannon, I realized this trip was going to be an amazing vacation for many reasons - I didn't have to rush back to work, it was going to be the longest vacation I'd had since college, and because it was going to be the exact opposite of what I imagine India will be like:

Lots of green, lots of space, not very many people (population peaked in 1850 with 8M and now there are 6M), cool weather, and lots of Guinness... It was an amazing time to read and relax. We stayed in Fanore for a week- visiting a few other places in County Clare. Then 3 nights in Killarney and our last night near Bunratty Castle. 

It was glorious. And now I am back in Atlanta wondering if 2 weeks is going to be enough to get everything done... It is nice to be at home with my family- thankful my sisters are also here for the summer! And there is plenty of time, I know, but it'd be nice to have some actual days filled with nothing before leaving July 12th. 

Excited about what is to come and about my roommates in Hyderabad. Anxious to get started on everything - I keep thinking about how it will feel come Sept. 1st, when I might have some kind of routine and work life there... : ) 

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