Tuesday, August 2, 2011


today getting off the bus, this older gentlemen (not the neatest of dressers) moves past me. i glance down to notice a chicken...

instead of a good ole boy, insert shorter indian man in his 50s. carrying the chicken just as above, on the bus, off the bus, all around town. and no one even takes notice, except me, the american girl.

hyderabad feels like a regular (albeit indian) city... until you see stuff like that. and then you are reminded just how different this place is.

Like camels walking alongside buses.
Motorcycles honking at YOU because you are in their way on the SIDEWALK.
Being stalked by rickshaws for a good half mile- they are CONVINCED you will change your mind.
Having your photo taken by strange people.
Having mothers make you take pictures with their babies.
Strangers asking your marital status and religion, frequently.
Students asking for autographs.
Having to provide a passport picture to buy a cell phone.
Pizza Huts have security guards.

the list goes on a while... oy vey!

gotta love it.

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