Thursday, July 28, 2011

a break from reality

leaving Hyderabad... ATL traffic is nothing compared to this place...
Last week we took a group retreat to Pragati Resorts, 36km outside of Hyderabad. It was awesome, particularly after spending 5 days in Hyderabad. Upon arrival I realized I hadn't exactly been relaxed since a few days before leaving Atlanta...

much more rural...

Great meetings and a few group activities- in a really pretty part of India, lots of green space. I was even able to run through some orchards. The food was amazing as well. AND there was a pool. Pretty gardens, they pride themselves on being an Ayurvedic Getaway.
First hot shower I had since leaving the States! And a real mattress... Glorious. Beautiful place, made us all excited about the traveling we will be doing- hopefully to some greener places. On top of my list: Goa, Rishikesh, and Kerala!

Lovely to play tourist every now and then :)

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