Sunday, July 24, 2011

India Time

After spending the first night in Hyderabad at the Guest Inn Suites - we moved into our apartment (after some haggling over price with the landlord) Saturday evening. Started with beds, a couch, and two chairs.

4th Floor of Aden Ave, Mehdipatnam
Obviously one of our first priorities was getting internet... We signed a contract and prepaid 6 months worth of internet on a Sunday. After lots of phone calls and many missed appointments - we got internet installed around 8pm the following Friday. For some reason they didn't bring the router and were actually surprised that we expected to recieve the router at installation, the one we had already paid for. We were thus left with just one ethernet cable to share among the 5 of us. We were able to get them to come back the following day and get the router... AND THE GOOD THING ABOUT ALL OF THIS IS - I am learning patience and how to operate around Indian time.

We also have had fun dealing with furniture rental, gas stove (which I should be getting today), and plumbing issues.

But it is a great apartment with 4 other very cool girls. We are also down the hall from 4 of the male fellows, two of which are Indian which has made life a lot easier. We have a nice balcony and usually keep windows (with fans on high) open.

We are in a predominantly Muslim neighborhood. Interesting, I wake up often to the call to prayers at 5am. One of these mornings I will get it recorded, it is kind of weird - but mostly very cool ... huge population so diligent about prayer and coming together 5 times a day to do it together. A lot of things to think about with regard to Islam, actually. Why do the women continue to choose to wear burqas while the men wear pretty western clothing? What is their culture around giving back - I don't think the Indians on a whole here put much emphasis on volunteer work. They don't ask for any extra - curricular activities on college applications, for instance. But- that will be exhausted later as we explore these affordable private schools. 
And we have been to India's Walmart - Big Bazaar - twice and have started decorating! Culture difference - cutting in India is rampant. Where I once stood totally aghast at the 4 ladies who jumped right in front of me after waiting 20+ minutes to check out, I am now finding out what a gentle elbow feels like and to stand strategically to ensure my "fair" place in line. 

Laundry... all of our applicances are at least 30 years old! I now do small loads of laundry all of the time due. There is something a little therapeutic about having to manually rinse and ring your clothes.

Nice to have two weeks of training here while we get used to India!

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